Beautiful ceramic sets inspired by nature

Miss Wondersmith He is an artist who makes attractive tea utensils and sets out of clay, which, in addition to showing his respect and interest in nature, are beautiful and practical. Due to his severe and chronic illness, he has done most of the sculptures in his bed. All of these ceramic sets are hand-made with a few simple sculpting tools. Due to the attention to detail, each set takes weeks to complete. In the following, you can see the result of your efforts and love for nature in the form of beautiful ceramic dishes.

Ceramic set / ceramic cup of lavender bees

Ceramic set / shell-shaped dishes on the beach

Ceramic set / cup and saucer design of wild mushroom red white spot

Ceramic set / coral coffee set between water

Ceramic set / cup and saucer wood design

Pink petal ceramic set

Ceramic set / cup and teapot snail design

Ceramic set / pumpkin tea set

Ceramic set / white coral coffee set on the beach

Strawberry ceramic set

Ceramic cups and

Ceramic cup with a design of sea creatures

To see more works from ceramic sets with this artist’s creative design, you can visit the Miss Wondersmith website page. What is your opinion about the design of these ceramic dishes? Did you like them?

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