Baidu’s futuristic self-driving taxi acts like an experienced driver

Baidu offers a ride-sharing service similar to Uber in China. This company unveiled its all-electric taxi called Apollo RT6 in a special event. The Beijing-based tech giant plans to deploy the taxi in 2023 as part of its Apollo Go service. Apollo Go is a self-driving ride service operating in 10 cities in China.

Next, you can see the images of Baidu’s futuristic new car that show its interior and exterior. The steering wheel and other components of this product are very different from traditional vehicles; However, Baidu says the Apollo RT6 is currently in the testing phase and will work with the safety steering wheel and driver to obtain the necessary certifications from related organizations to remove the driver and steering wheel.

Baidu said in a statement:

The design without a steering wheel will provide more interior space for passengers and will enable the installation of additional seats. In addition, it will be possible to use game consoles in this car.

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Apollo RT6 is actually Baidu’s 6th generation self-driving car; But previous designs are basically regular cars with self-driving technologies. Currently, this new model offers graded autonomous driving capabilities in four levels and uses advanced technologies. The automatic driving system of this car is a level lower than level 5; A level that offers complete automation.

The car’s self-driving technology uses dual computing units and advanced software, along with 38 sensors, including eight LiDAR sensors and 12 cameras, to ensure the vehicle doesn’t lose any detail while on the move.

Baidu says the Apollo RT6 costs $37,000 per unit and will speed up the deployment of self-driving cars at scale. According to Baidu, the company’s new generation of self-driving electric cars can bring the world closer to a driverless future. As self-driving technology continues to advance, companies active in this field are increasingly looking for designs to remove manual controls from their products.

Companies like Waymo and GM Vauxhall Cruise in the US are among the leaders in self-driving car technology, and both have unveiled plans for future self-driving vehicles. The purpose of presenting the mentioned plans is to enable the use of cars without the need for a driver. Of course, there are still a few years left until reaching the point where the role of the driver can be completely removed from cars.

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