Badkobe Quarterly No. 8; Different and readable

In the issues that have been published so far from Badkobeh magazine, we see authentic translated and authored articles that have been addressed by experts in this field and analyzed from various aspects.

Magazine No. 8, which is one of the new issues of Badkobeh Publishing, like its other issues, deals with an important topic as the main issue, and besides the comprehensive analysis of “visual identity” and “image language”, other topics such as how to bring tourists back? What are the design flaws in Iranian startups? ?, cost-effective services for emerging brands, the semiotics of billboards flooding the streets, and more.

The purpose of publishing Badkobeh specialized magazines has been to collect the best advertising campaigns and scientific tips in this field, which ultimately led to a reliable source for scholars and those interested in the field of advertising. Therefore, its line by line has been carefully selected to preserve the value of the work as a specialized reference. Of course, since the given narratives are described as very attractive, it also includes the general audience, which, regardless of expertise, seeks to understand the exciting world of advertising.

From the text of the quarterly magazine number eight

“A variation on an old hamburger

What keeps long-established brands standing and makes their name pop up again and again is maintaining quality and innovation. McDonald’s, America’s best-selling restaurant chain, with all its profitability, is always on the lookout for new ideas. They implemented the idea of ​​drive-in restaurants in 1975, which was a radical change. In this text, you will learn about another fundamental change of McDonald’s. They decided not to use frozen meat in their burgers anymore, breaking tradition after decades and of course that’s not the whole story.”

Badkobeh quarterly magazines through the website Badkobe store provide.

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