back sheet; Sam Altman wants to be CEO of OpenAI again

back sheet;  Sam Altman wants to be CEO of OpenAI again

website Verge In an exclusive report, quoting several knowledgeable sources, he says that the hiring was unexpected Sam Altman It is not yet finalized at Microsoft. Apparently, Altman and Greg Brookmanthe former chairman of the board of directors of OpenAI, are ready to return to this company if the current members of the board of directors resign.

The pressure on OpenAI’s board members is extremely high. They faced widespread criticism after Altman’s firing, and it wasn’t long before 505 of OpenAI’s 700 employees announced in an open letter that they would all resign if Altman didn’t return (the number of signatories has grown significantly).

Among the signatories of the letter in question, the name Ilya SotskiorOpenAI’s chief scientist who played a prominent role in Altman’s firing, is also seen.

Sam Altman wrote a few minutes ago on the X social network (formerly Twitter): “We’re all going to work with each other no matter what.” The Verge says this statement means the fight to return is still on.

Altman, Brockman, and OpenAI’s shareholders are seeking to develop a solution for board members to leave the company without creating special margins. A source familiar with the matter told The Verge that the agreement between Microsoft and Sam Altman is on hold and has not been finalized. Microsoft had to take action in this direction before the opening of the American stock market so that its shares do not face a sharp drop.

In another post, Sam Altman said his first priority is to ensure the continued development of OpenAI. Altman said he and Microsoft are committed to ensuring the continuity of business partners and customers.

After Sam Altman’s sudden firing on Friday, negotiations began for his return; But Altman’s return to OpenAI has been ruled out, sources familiar with the matter said. OpenAI’s board team quickly tapped the former Twitch CEO as the company’s new CEO, dashing hopes for Altman’s return.

The situation of OpenAI has reached the most complicated state. On the one hand, three board members have the first say in the company, and on the other hand, almost all OpenAI employees complain about these three people. OpenAI held an emergency meeting a few hours ago with the presence of the new CEO; But none of the employees of the central office went to this meeting.

Firing Sam Altman is perhaps the worst decision in OpenAI history. The board members thought they could do their job easily with a show of force, but the union of OpenAI employees and the exemplary popularity of Sam Altman have made it now seem likely that the board members will resign.

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