Azki Seler; The new playground for insurance representatives and marketers

In recent years, insurance startups had not used the potential of insurance agents and marketers who play the main role in this chain. Acknowledging this need, Ezki site has created a service called Ezki Cellar, which is mainly focused on insurance representatives and marketers and cooperating more and better with them.

Why did the cellar come into being?

One of the main reasons for the emergence of this service by the Ezki site is that insurance agents and marketers cannot use the services of all insurance companies, and this issue has tied the hands of insurance marketers and agents to maintain and expand their customers. In fact, the insurance industry has representatives and marketers who, traditionally, can only provide the services of an insurance company to their customers, and in this situation, insurance representatives are forced to introduce some of their customers to other insurance companies and offices.

After’s investigations, it was found that to eliminate the above gap, it is very helpful to set up an online collaboration service for sales. It means that conditions should be provided for insurance agents and marketers to be able to buy all types of insurance from all insurance companies for their customers online and also to be sure that the relationship with their customers is established only by themselves and they can refer them to regular buyers and Become your loyal. In this way, the “Ezkisler” service was launched.

What are the advantages of Azki Seller for insurance agents and marketers?

The possibility of buying from all insurance companies:

The most important advantage of Ezki Seller is that it doesn’t matter which insurance company you represent, any representative can buy insurance for his client from all insurance companies. In fact, in Azki Cellar, there is no limit to sell the insurance required by the customer, which will ultimately increase the number of customers of insurance agents and marketers.

No need to stop cooperation with the insurance company:

It is not necessary for insurance agents and marketers to cut off their connection with the company they represent in order to use Ezkey Seller’s service. Insurance agents and marketers can, in addition to selling all types of insurance from the main company they represent, sell other insurances at the same time.

Ozaki Seller’s commitment not to communicate with clients of representatives:

One of the most important advantages of Ezki Seller is that insurance representatives and marketers can safely register customer information in the panel, because Ezki Seller gives sellers a full commitment that it will not communicate with customers (without the request or approval of sellers).

Fast deposit of fees and staggered calculation:

The fee for insurance sales in Ezki Seller is deposited weekly, and insurance sellers do not need to wait until the end of the month. Also, if the insurances sold to customers through Azki Seller are renewed in the following years, the fee will be deposited into the account of the same agent or marketer. The method of calculating the fee is also determined in a staggered manner and according to the amount of sales of the representatives. To put it simply, the higher the sales of the insurance agent and marketer, the higher the commission percentage will be.

No limitation in time and place:

In Eski Seller’s panel, in addition to selling all types of insurance from all insurance companies, there is no time or place limit for sellers. They can register their sales anytime and anywhere.

Free membership and registration:

Ezki Seller, by defining a sales panel, allows insurance agents to operate online and meet the needs of their customers by registering and becoming a free member on the Ezki Seller platform.

How to use Azki Cellar?

The way to use Ezkey Seller’s panel is that they only have to register the customer’s information in the panel and spend their time on the next customer. Ezki performs the entire process of issuing the insurance policy and sending it to the customer. Ezki Seller also offers special services to sellers that can help them attract new customers. Insurance marketers and agents can use features such as car body insurance inspection (by themselves) and online claim payment service for customers by becoming a member of Ezki Seller, which will be very attractive to their customers. Also, KeySeller’s support team does not leave sellers alone 24/7. Azki Celler is ready to support and respond 24 hours a day.

In addition to all these advantages, Ezki Seller provides free educational content to sellers so that they can increase their sales day by day.

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