Automated transaction with Nobitex API

More exchangesLarge digital currencies also allow their users to use API Give through which the transactionIt is expensiveThey can receive the information they need, such as price, trading volume, etc., from an exchange office, and in return, they can buy and sell through their trading account and through a trader robot. To automated programs that mediate API They trade in an exchange officeSay and more robotsTraders do three basic things: signal generation, risk assessment, and trading. Trader RobotIt can process several gigabytes of information in a fraction of a second, and based on this processing, it can trade instead of humans, and its advantage is that it canCan make lots of lucrative trades a day.

You need to know that API Abbreviation Application Programming Interface Its literal translation is “application programming interface”. Actually API For a software, it is an interface for receiving and sending information. Using this information, the robotWithout the involvement of emotions, to bargainIf, buy and sellکردن.

So if you are familiar with programming, you do not need to spend 24 hours a day trading in the digital currency market. It is enough to use API Digital currency exchange نوبیتکسLeave your transactions to the bots. Documentation API Nobitex Ability to receive instant all market information including order list, transaction list, market statistics, price information OHLC And global market statistics as well as user information such as wallet balance, transaction list and blockchain address toIt automatically gives you and you can process them, design your own bot and with that APIAutomatically send commands such as order registration, order cancellation and order update.

Nobitex, like the major global markets, provides documentation API Helps automate trading. This will also be of great benefit to ordinary users. Automated marketing increases liquidity, liquidity at more realistic prices and, of course, reducing the price difference between buying and selling (Spread) will be.

In addition, different sites can use API Display Nobitex, price list and other market information of different types of cryptocurrencies on your site. These prices will be updated instantly according to Nobitex market conditions.

Complete documentation API You can download Nobitex from the section See for new features and changes API Nobitex, we recommend the official channel API Follow Nobitex.

For safe sales Bitcoin, Atrium, Sheiba and other digital currencies, register in Nobitex, the first and largest digital currency exchange in Iran.

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