Augmented reality glasses Google Glass 2 has finally joined the group of Google’s failed projects

Google unveiled its first model of smart glasses in 2013, but this product failed to attract the attention of buyers. However, this company continued the life of its augmented reality product by focusing on institutional customers, and for this reason, the name Google Glass changed to Enterprise Edition. The second version of these glasses was launched in 2019 with the Snapdragon XR1 chip.

to report GizmochinaGoogle plans to end support for the Enterprise Edition version of its smart glasses. According to a note published by the company on the official Google Glass website, support for current customers of this product will continue until September 15, 2023, and no new software updates will be released after that.

Of course, third-party developers can still update their apps until the date announced by Google. In addition, after the end of Google’s official support period, owners of this product can continue to use it. Of course, it is possible that the Meet On Glass program will no longer be available to users after September 15.

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