Attractive or scary? Google’s AI learns new languages ​​without any help

Google’s artificial intelligence has achieved an incredible ability and can now learn new foreign languages ​​without the need for human help. The interesting and surprising thing is that the tech giant from Mountain View has not yet figured out how artificial intelligence learns new languages ​​automatically and without help.

Sundar PichaiIn a recent interview with CBS, Google’s CEO explained his company’s cautious approach to artificial intelligence. Over the past few years, Google has delayed its AI projects due to security concerns. This caution to competitors like OpenAI and Microsoft allowed to surpass Google in some areas of artificial intelligence.

Sundar Pichai It emphasizes the importance of responsibility in the development of artificial intelligence. “We all need to be responsible at all stages of building artificial intelligence,” he says. Google’s strategy for launch Bard’s chatbot is an example of taking this cautious approach as the AI ​​is currently only available to users in the US and UK.

Google’s CEO says the company tends to build stronger security layers before building and deploying more efficient AI models. Internet search giant first of the model LaMDA was built on Bard and over time added features from the more powerful Pathways Language Model (PaLM). PaLM uses 540 billion parameters while LaMDA uses 137 billion parameters.

to report Gizchinagenerative AI can sometimes exhibit unexpected behaviors and that is why Sundar Pichai It puts a lot of emphasis on caution and careful monitoring of the reactions of the said technology. Google’s research shows that large language models can sometimes learn new skills completely autonomously, without the need for programming or human intervention. The company describes the mentioned phenomenon as Emergent Properties.

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