Attractive bots help increase employee productivity

How can your employer make your workday a little happier? More rest, less workload or salary increase? But forget all that because it seems that companies are planning to use robotic trainers to improve the motivation of their employees.

New experiments have been conducted on the interaction of robots with employees, which show how this solution can increase the morale of people. This experiment depended on one basic factor; The attractiveness of the robot.

Mikul Spitale“We wanted to take the robots out of the labs and see how these tools could be useful in the real world,” said one of the computer scientists at Cambridge University in a press release explaining the results of his team’s experiments on human-robot interaction.

to report FuturismThe Cambridge University research team held meetings with 26 employees and two types of robots for four weeks. The robots assisted the work groups by asking each of them to recall a positive experience from their career and then asking them other questions. Both bots spoke with the same text and had the same voice, and also used the same phrases.

But the difference between the two robots in the above experiment was their body shape. The researchers found that the toy-looking robot Misty performed best in connecting with employees. They hypothesized that the appearance of the robot, which is only 14 inches (about 35 cm) tall, would make people have lower expectations when interacting with it. But the second robot, named QT, with a human-like appearance, was about one meter tall, which made the staff expect more from it. In fact, this study showed that employees feel more dissatisfied when interacting with QT.

The researchers explained in their statement that people’s expectations of robots did not match reality. Hatis Gunsh“We programmed the bots with the same text, but the participants were hoping to interact with them more,” explained research associate and professor of emotional intelligence and robots at Cambridge University.

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