At the same time as schools become non-attendance; Shad interrupted

Yesterday and today, 24th and 25th of January, at the same time as there were problems in gas supply and the possibility of using heating devices, schools, along with universities and government offices, became non-attendance so that the virtual space and at the head of them the “Shad” system became the platform for holding classes. .

While this morning, the website of the Ministry of Communications announced that despite the cold weather, High quality nationwide communication network is available to users And millions of users are using the communication network without any problems, the technical team of Samaneh Shad announced the disruption in the technical infrastructure of this system.

The text published by the public relations of the Ministry of Communications states: “The state of the national communication network is such that in recent days, due to the drop in temperature in many parts of the country, people are more than Before, they use the country’s communication network online, which has caused an increase in the consumption of Internet traffic.” Also, the Ministry of Communications announced that despite the increase in traffic usage, “fortunately, the national communication network is providing services with minimal problems.”

At the same time, the technical and support team of the Shad network has announced on the official channel of this network that there has been a slight disruption in the technical infrastructure of this system and it has led to a delay in sending and receiving messages in this network. This team also announced the efforts to resolve this disorder and provided recommendations for the formation of evening shift classes in schools.

In this announcement, the technical and support team of Shad, while apologizing, asked the users for better service and to increase the speed of data exchange, evening schools and the second secondary course, to organize their classes exclusively from 14:00 every day.

Also, it has been emphasized that users who use older versions, for better performance and use of services, from 20:00 tonight, download the new version of Shad from the address SHAD.IR update

Problems in accessing facilities and platforms on which classes and schools are held online are not only related to today. In the current academic year, schools have been absent several times for various reasons and caused problems for teachers, students and families due to various disorders and slowness.

These disturbances and problems have been to such an extent that on some days, the schools closed classes nominally online but officially.

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