Asus unveiled its Studiobook laptop with a 3D OLED display

Undoubtedly, the display is one of the special features of Asus Studiobook notebook. This 16-inch display, which has a very good resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate and 100% DCI-P3 support, seems not only ideal for designers, but with a response time of 2.0 milliseconds, it can be a great option for gamers.

But the technical specifications of the display do not end there and Asus says that this display can play 3D images so that designers can view their CAD or 3D designs with or without glasses and through eye-tracking technology in 3D.

Asus cheap laptops are also equipped with 3D display technology and Vivobook Pro 16 3D OLED is one of these laptops.

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