Asus ROG Flow Z13 gaming tablet review

At its maximum, the panel produces 472 nits of brightness, which is considered a very good figure for indoor use. Due to the glossy panel cover, you may face a little problem in outdoor environments.

The ROG Flow Z13 tablet uses two speakers with Dolby Atmos support. According to Asus, the speakers have also achieved Hi-Res certification. In addition, the total of 3 microphones used in this device with AI noise-cancelling technology reduce the noise of the user’s voice as much as possible with the help of artificial intelligence.

Z13 gives you a good experience of playing music and provides a surround sound while playing games. The speaker output is located at the bottom of the left and right edge of the device, and one or both outputs may be blocked when used as a tablet.

The experience of using the ROG Flow Z13 pen

In addition to the keyboard, Asus has included a pen with the Z13; A pen with a simple but stylish design that is very similar to the HP Specter X360 pen. In terms of efficiency, the pen is not very accurate; But it is considered a good option for taking notes or even semi-professional work.

Supplied with keyboard and pen; Asus knows that its product cannot be just a tablet

The experience of using the pen of this product is on a lower level compared to the Surface Pro 9 Slim Pen; Especially considering that none of the edges of the device are equipped with magnets. Therefore, you cannot place the pen on the edge of the device like other tablets. In addition, there is no news of the pen holder on the keyboard.

Hardware and performance and battery

As a gaming product, Flow Z13 comes with impressive specifications; The version we had in our hands uses the Core i9-12900H chip and the RTX 3050 Ti graphics chip along with two 8GB LPDDR5 RAM modules. Of course, there are two other models with Core i5-12500H chip without GPU and Core i7-12700H chip with RTX 3050 Ti GPU.

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