Asus Harpe Ace gaming mouse was introduced with a low latency rate and a weight of 54 grams

On the other hand, we have the ROG Hone Ace gaming mouse pad, which has measurement marks on it and uses Aim Lab software features to help gamers improve their movement skills in 360-degree space. The pad includes a hybrid fabric surface that allows for accurate X and Y axis tracking. The Hone Ace pad also uses a nano waterproof, oil and dust coating, and the rubber layer underneath will help maintain adhesion and stability while playing games.

The Aim Lab version of the ROG Harpe Ace gaming mouse uses a special form factor that has been carefully reviewed by computer game experts at the Aim Lab. Asus says this product is designed in such a way that there is a good balance between its shape and weight distribution, and gamers can work with it for long hours without fatigue.

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