Artificial intelligence is transforming wars to the extent of nuclear weapons

Artificial intelligence has become the first headline of many media in the field of technology; For this reason, many analysts consider 2023 to be the leap year of artificial intelligence. Despite all its advantages in everyday life, artificial intelligence is a threatening tool and can affect military power. Eric Schmidtthe former CEO of Google, says that the impact of artificial intelligence on war is similar to the era when nuclear weapons were introduced.

Schmidt, who became one of the founders in 2016 Defense Innovation Board The American government became, in an interview with the magazine Wired He pointed to the use of the latest technologies in the equipment of the American army and said that the United States can increase its military distance with China thanks to artificial intelligence.

In his new interview, Schmidt mentioned a startup called Istari that uses machine learning technology and Metaverse to virtually assemble and test military vehicles such as tanks. Also, the former CEO of Google talks about the idea of ​​a network similar to the Internet of Things for low-cost drones that can operate in a single unit.

According to Eric Schmidt, the US Department of Defense should learn from the war between Russia and Ukraine. He adds that Ukraine has been able to resist the Russian attack by using the technologies developed by the private sector. One of Ukraine’s solutions is to convert commercial drones into military weapons and 3D print rare parts: “Let’s imagine that we want to build a better weapon system. In this context, it is enough to create a technology-oriented company.

According to Eric Schmidt, artificial intelligence can change the rules of war:Einstein In the 1930s, a letter to Roosevelt He wrote and said that there is a new technology called nuclear weapons that can change the war and this happened. In my opinion, automated, decentralized, and distributed systems based on artificial intelligence are just as powerful.”

Schmidt, who left the board of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) in 2019, has spent the last decade trying to bring AI-based warfare to the US government’s Defense Innovation Board. The government agency’s leaders believe that artificial intelligence could revolutionize military hardware and intelligence-gathering and back-end software, helping the United States better compete with China.

When comparing artificial intelligence and nuclear weapons, Schmidt did not mention the destructive power of this technology in military equipment, and only discussed how it transformed war; But in any case, this comparison raises alarm bells.

Some bigwigs in the tech industry believe that artificial intelligence will bring many positive benefits. For example, the CEO of Nvidia considers ChatGPT to be the best thing that ever happened to the computing industry. However, due to the military advances caused by artificial intelligence, there is still a lot of concern in this area. Lockheed Martin, the aerospace and military equipment company, recently announced that one of its AI-powered jets flew for 17 hours.

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