Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Diagnosing Infectious Diseases, One Week Before Symptoms Begin

The US Department of Defense has claimed to produce a wearable device that can detect diseases 6 days before they start. US Defense Innovation Unit in collaboration with the private sector to develop an algorithm based on Artificial intelligence has been able to successfully diagnose people with this disease during the corona virus epidemic.

Jeff Schneiderdirector of the Rapid Threat Assessment (RATE) project, said in a statement that the US plans to use its wearable device to detect other infectious diseases in service members.

According to the report of the publication Study Finds, the United States Department of Defense, in the form of the RATE project, plans to use commercial wearable devices for non-invasive monitoring (without the need for injections) of the health of military personnel. Thanks to wearable devices, infectious diseases can be prevented before they become epidemic.

RATE, which has an additional $10 million in funding, is developing projects, the most successful of which happened in 2020 and 2021; Once proven, wearable devices can predict coronavirus and other infections two to three days before a diagnostic test. The US Food and Drug Administration has classified RATE as a public health device.

Currently, the technology used by the US Department of Defense uses biometric data from wearable devices such as Garmin watches and Oura rings; However, the ultimate goal is to use biometric data in all smart wearable devices.

The US Department of Defense’s RATE project uses a powerful and predictive artificial intelligence algorithm trained on hospital data. In some examples, this algorithm was able to predict the corona infection of people 6 days before the diagnostic test. Among these samples, there are also cases that did not have the symptoms of the disease.

The officials of the RATE project plan to use the additional funds to test the technology in question on 4,500 new users, all of whom are US military personnel. Among these people, the first sergeants of the United States Air Combat Command can be seen.

The Philips company, which operates in the field of technology, has played a role in the algorithm development process. The company has stepped up its efforts globally to accelerate the commercialization of the algorithm.

A Philips executive says the way it works is that data recorded by wearable devices is run on clinical data sets that exist in cloud servers. As a result, the RATE health score is generated. This score indicates the onset of infection.

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