Artificial intelligence has been added to Apple’s professional Final Cut Pro software

Apple recently unveiled the MacBook Pro M3 and will soon release an updated version of Final Cut Pro to take full advantage of its new processor. According to the company, its updated video editing software, thanks to the use of special M3 media engines and artificial intelligence and machine learning, features such as object and face tracking are better and the encoding process of H.264 and HEVC is faster.

According to AppleThe new version of Final Cut Pro offers improved features such as automatic scrolling of the timeline and the simplification of adding a selected group of clips to a single story line and the ability to combine clips.

The iPad version of Final Cut Pro features a new audio recording tool, color presets, new text formats, an improved workflow, and a professional camera stabilization tool. Both the updated Mac and iPad versions of this software will be available to the public later this month.

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