Artifact, the new service of the founders of Instagram and the future of social networks, was introduced

Kevin Systrom And Mike Krieger, the co-founders of Instagram, separated from the company in 2018 due to tension with Meta. Then, they formed a new business to bring the “next generation of social media” to life. Their first new service is Artifact.

to report VergeArtifact is a personalized news feed that uses machine learning technology to understand user interests and will soon allow users to discuss articles.

The name of the Artifact service is the result of the combination of Article, Fact and Artificial Intelligence. This new service accepts the registration of new users from today; But it has not started yet. Kevin Systrom says artifact activity will begin soon.

To participate in Artifact, you can through The website of this service Do. Android and iOS versions of Artifact are available now. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger’s new service is in private beta and you need to enter a US mobile number to join the waiting list. The simplest way to describe the Tiktok artifact is text-based. This service may become a serious competitor to Twitter in the near future.

As soon as you enter Artifact, you will be faced with a page containing popular articles from large and small media. By entering the desired articles, the artifact algorithm gets to know your interests and displays similar articles. Currently, TikTok uses a similar system for displaying videos.

The artifact will be equipped with two important features some time after its release: 1. View articles posted by users you follow. This new service initially does not allow the publication of simple texts without links; 2. The ability to send private messages (direct) to discuss various articles with your friends.

In recent years, many social networks have shown more attention to video; Because people are less interested in reading the text than before. Instagram and Twitter are more focused on video content than ever, and Facebook is moving in the same direction. This is while the artifact cares about the text.

Systrom says Artifact’s business model isn’t set yet; But most likely this service will focus on advertising. Artifact will put a lot of emphasis on displaying detailed information.

The new service of the founders of Instagram has a team of seven people and is currently financed by the personal capital of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger; But it will probably attract investors in the future.

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