ARM plans to increase licensing fees for its chip architectures

Of course, we should note that big companies like Samsung and Apple have more complicated agreements with ARM because both of them, in addition to producing smartphones, make the chips of many of their products themselves. Apple and Samsung will have their own licensing deals with ARM, but it’s hard to imagine that ARM’s new strategy will be unaffected by the two tech giants.

Aram is currently negotiating with some of its business partners and has decided to implement its new plans by 2024. Of course, there is a possibility that some companies will continue to operate based on the old contracts of this company for the next few years.

A dream scenario for RISC-V architecture

“Our company is telling customers to pay more upfront for the same service, and what SoftBank is doing now is testing the market value of ARM’s monopoly,” says a former senior ARM employee.

If ARM customers do not agree to the company’s new pricing plans, competition in this area will increase. While today logo architectures in many devices including Laptops and smartphones are used, but the RISC-V architecture is a relatively new project that offers the promise of low-power chips under an open-source license. On the other hand, Arum currently has a very wide user base and millions of development tools have been created for it. Of course, ARM’s new approaches will increase the migration of chipmakers to the RISC-V architecture every day.

With the changes in its business model, ARM has become an unstable company for other businesses, and on the other hand, the influence of the US government in this country is very worrying for China. This could encourage Chinese companies to use open RISC-V architectures.

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