Apple’s next event to introduce the iPhone SE 3 will probably take place on March 8th

Evidence suggests that Apple will soon be unveiling its latest hardware products by holding a virtual event. In this regard, Bloomberg has prepared a report that is in fact a seal of approval on this issue and shows that the giant of the technology world is preparing to introduce new products on March 8 (Tuesday, March 8, 1400).

However, Bloomberg says that period can change in the event of a problem; But in general, the event in March seems likely. It is believed that Apple will focus more on introducing the updated version of the iPhone SE and the next generation iPad Air. Of course, it is possible that we will see other products in the event. Other rumored products include the next generation MacBook Air, AirPad Pro and even the new iMac. Apple has also stopped selling the first generation of the original homepad for a long time, and it may not be far off that this product will be introduced at the upcoming event.

In general, it has long been said that Apple is developing the third generation of its affordable smartphone called the iPhone SE, and supply chain interactions prove this; This is because suppliers are said to have begun producing parts needed for the mid-range iPhone.

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Most rumors suggest that the new iPhone SE will experience very little change compared to the current model. In fact, the only significant change in this phone will be the support for the fifth generation mobile network (5G), which is achieved using Qualcomm cellular modems. The phone could be the Plus model for the previous generation, which would subsequently improve the Cupertino’s position in the 5G mid-range handset market.

On the other hand, the iPad 5 will probably be based on the same design language of the previous generation and, like the new iPhone SE, will be powered by the A15 chip. As mentioned earlier, Bloomberg says it will be possible to introduce at least one Mac at the March event. In addition, the iOS 15.4 update is expected to be released in the first half of March with a host of important new features such as mask support when using Face ID and universal control feature.

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