Apple’s next big step in car manufacturing; Reorganization of the Project Titan team

Recently, various rumors and reports have been published about the Apple car, which makes many people curious about when this product will finally be introduced. famous analyst Ming Chi Ku It says that Apple executives have repeatedly left the Titan project and that the company has reorganized its car-making team over and over again. Now it seems that the company has decided to reorganize the said team once again.

Mingchi Kuo said on his Twitter account:

Apple will likely have its new smart car project team ready before the end of 2022.

Apple’s plans for the Titan self-driving car project have evolved over the years. In late 2021, it was reported that Kevin LingeAfter leaving Doug Fieldtook control of this project. Before joining Ford, he led the day-to-day efforts of Project Titan with a team of hundreds of engineers.

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Apple is said to be exploring various options for leading Project Titan, but the company’s ambitious goal is to launch a self-driving electric car by 2025.

According to the mentioned changes, it is not clear when Apple will postpone the introduction of its first car. In fact, in the short term, the company will focus on its new mixed reality headset and then its augmented reality device.

The latest analysis Ko It was published 6 months after he announced that Apple had disbanded its automotive team for a while; Because this company needs to reorganize its automotive unit team in the next three to six months in order to achieve the goal of mass production by 2025.

While Apple’s first car is still a few years away, the company is planning big changes to CarPlay to literally take control of other car displays.

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