Apple’s long-awaited mixed reality headset is likely to be unveiled before WWDC 2023

Mark GarmanBloomberg’s veteran whistleblower says Apple will unveil its mixed reality headset in the spring of 2023, before the WWDC event. The Apple headset will be released in the fall of 2023.

to report 9to5MacApple has already sent a pre-production prototype of the headset to a small group of developers to begin testing, Garmin says. Of course, the development of the headset is not over yet, and Apple still needs to work on some of the product’s hardware and software problems.

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According to Mark Garman, Apple initially planned to unveil its new headset in January 2023 (Day and February 1401); But in the end, he could not achieve this goal. Apparently, Apple has used the resources of some of its other teams to fix the problems of the mixed reality headset, and this issue has caused the release of a number of products to be delayed.

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