Apple’s letter to US Senate: Sideloading of iPhone application reduces security

Apple has sent a letter to the US Senate urging lawmakers to reject a bill that would allow users to side-by-side download apps on iOS. According to GSMArena, the US Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold an important meeting today to decide whether Apple will be forced to allow apps to be downloaded to their devices. Apple has said that this will make the ecosystem insecure and ultimately to the detriment of users.

Powderley teamIn a letter to senators, Apple’s chief executive in the Americas said the possible passage of the bill would allow large social platforms to circumvent the Consumer Protection Act and continue to do business as usual.

The bill has Senate support from both US parties, and the Judiciary Committee is likely to approve it for further consideration. Bloomberg says final approval of the bill in the Senate is likely to be a more challenging process for the Judiciary Committee.

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If the US Senate passes the new law, the revenue generated by Apple’s 15 to 30 percent commission on the App Store will be severely affected. Also, licensing apps on iPhones reminds them of their security, as Apple checks apps before they enter the App Store, and for that reason, far fewer malicious apps enter iPhones.

Powderley says side-by-side applications are out of line with Apple’s criteria for privacy and security. Under such circumstances, malware and fraudulent applications will find their way into iPhones, according to Powderley.

Apple’s iPhones and iPads are currently the only devices that will suffer from the possible passage of the new bill. Mac users can now download and install their apps from any website they want.

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