Apple’s inability to produce a 5G modem postponed the release of the iPhone SE 4 to 2025


Two senior analysts of the Barclays Research Institute, in a report citing Asian companies active in Apple’s supply chain, say that the fourth generation iPhone SE is not going to arrive in 2024. Barclays says the iPhone SE 4 will likely be Apple’s first phone with a dedicated 5G modem; But apparently Apple has not been able to make the 5G modem it wants.

According to McRumorsApple has started working on a dedicated modem since 2018. In 2019, the company acquired most of Intel’s mobile modem business to strengthen its projects. Barclays analysts say that if the new iPhone SE is released in 2024, it will probably be equipped with a Qualcomm modem like the iPhone 16.

Ming-Chi KuoThe veteran analyst said in early 2023 that Apple’s iPhone SE 4 will be produced with the same design as iPhone 14. This means that the new iPhone SE model is going to have a 6.1-inch OLED display with Face ID and a flat edge.

Considering that the production of the iPhone SE 4 is apparently delayed, it is possible that Apple’s plans for this phone will change over time.

Cuo and several other whistleblowers expect Apple’s iPhone SE 4 to launch in early 2025 “at the earliest.” The statements of Barclays analysts are a confirmation of these rumors.


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