Apple’s immersive entry into the gaming industry could happen with the introduction of a hybrid reality headset

As the New Year approaches, most companies are planning to launch their new products, and of course Apple is no exception. As usual, Cupertino residents are expected to have several hardware upgrades for their products; But apart from popular devices such as iPhones and Macs, the company is apparently looking to unveil a whole new category in its products.

Following a lot of speculation and rumors, Mark German Bloomberg notes that Apple will finally unveil the first generation of its augmented reality headset next year. He believes that with the introduction of this headset, Apple will focus on the gaming sector and this device will be an ideal option for developers of VR-based games.

In general, it has long been rumored that Apple intends to enter the gaming industry, and some rumors suggest that the tech giant will soon be competing with the industry’s giants with a cloud-based service or handheld console (similar to the Nintendo Switch). put. However, entering this segment with giants such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo may not make much sense. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to expect Apple to focus on the immature and futuristic part of VR games.

In fact, Apple’s HMD (head-mounted) device could play a role in the company’s game console in the real world. Repeating previous reports, German points to the dual-chip headset, a state-of-the-art cooling system, high-resolution displays, and a dedicated software store. Apple is also expected to work with media partners to create VR media and use the virtual reality-based headset-like experience using a headset.

Next year, Apple will launch other products. Examples include iPad line updates, including the new iPad Pro with wireless charging support and a new glass body and chip. There have also been speculations about a new iPhone SE with 5G connectivity, an iPhone 14 Max with a 6.7-inch display, three Apple Watch models including the new SE, and the next-generation AirPad Pro.

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In addition, most Macs will be updated with the new generation of Apple Silicon chips. The next generation MacBook Air will be available in a completely new design and M2 chip in the next six to eight months. It is worth mentioning that the future model will create the biggest redesign of MacBook Air since 2010.

The model is said to have several features borrowed from the new MacBook Pro, with a thinner body and white, unbranded MacBook Air margins at the bottom margin. In addition, it will probably be the most important Mac computer of the next generation Mac Pro in the last decade; A computer that completes the transition to Apple Silicon chips and will be equipped with the most powerful dedicated chips of this company. Thus, the Mac Pro is very important; Because it will be Apple’s first professional desktop with a logo-based chip embedded in it.

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