Apple’s foldable iPad with a “carbon fiber base” will arrive in 2024

According to Ming Chi KuWell-known whistleblower, Apple will not unveil the new model of iPad series tablets this year. More specifically, Ko says we won’t see any new iPads in the “next nine to 12 months.” The latest Apple tablet will be the iPad mini, which will probably be mass produced in the first quarter of 2024.

Based on the writing GSMArenaApple plans to release a foldable iPad in 2024. The launch of the foldable iPad will increase the profitability of the Chinese company Anjie Technology, which is going to make a “carbon fiber base” for the tablet. The foldable iPad will likely have a 20.25-inch screen.

Probably this year, due to the lack of new products, the sales statistics of Apple iPads will drop by 10-15%, however, the update of iPad mini and the release of the first foldable iPad in 2024 will increase the sales of Apple tablets.

According to unconfirmed claims, the new generation of iPad Pro will be produced with an OLED screen of 11.1 inches and 13.1 inches. Another report says that a 16-inch iPad is also in production.

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