Apple’s financial report; Record-breaking iPhone and software services at the same time as Mac and iPad sales drop

Apple beat Wall Street analysts’ expectations in its latest financial report for the second quarter of fiscal 2023, saying revenue from the company’s services business reached an all-time high. Also, in the recent season, a new sales record was recorded for the iPhone.

Official statistics show that the demand for iPhone 14 series phones is still high, even though this year we are going to see fundamental changes such as changing the charging port of the iPhone. Despite the brilliant performance of the iPhone, Apple’s other businesses such as the Mac and iPad faced a decline in sales.

Tim CookCEO of Apple, in a new briefing conference that was held this morning Tehran time, said that iPhone sales in the quarter ending in March (March and April) have never been so high and the record-breaking statistics were recorded while we are dealing with difficult economic conditions. . According to Cook, the number of active Apple devices has reached an all-time high.

Cook said in part of his speech: “The last season was better than we expected.”

Unlike big tech companies that have laid off tens of thousands of people in recent months, Tim Cook says Apple is not considering massive layoffs. Cook says layoffs are Apple’s “last resort” to cut costs, and “mass layoffs are not something we’re talking about right now.”

Apple managed to pocket $94.84 billion in revenue in the latest quarter, while analysts expected the company’s revenue to be $92.96 billion. Apple’s gross profit margin reached 44.3%. Apple’s earnings per share were $1.52.

Apple said its net profit reached $24.16 billion, while the company’s net profit for the same period in 2022 was $25.01 billion. In the second quarter of fiscal year 2023, Apple’s revenue fell by three percent.

as CNBC He writes, iPhone’s revenue in the last quarter was 51.33 billion dollars. Mac and iPad revenues reached $7.17 billion and $6.67 billion, respectively. In the same period, Apple’s other products earned $8.76 billion, and a record-breaking $20.91 billion was recorded for the services business.

Despite Apple’s good performance, the company’s overall sales fell for the second quarter in a row. In response to the new financial report, we saw a two percent growth in Apple shares. Apple’s CFO says that the company’s revenue will drop by three percent this quarter.

In recent months, the sale of personal computers has experienced a significant drop. IDC and Canalys, which monitor the market, say that PC sales fell by about 30% in the first quarter of 2023 (the first quarter of 2023 coincides with the second quarter of Apple’s 2023 fiscal year).

Among all the brands in the computer industry, Apple experienced the biggest drop in sales. During the corona epidemic, the sale of gadgets increased sharply, but since the end of the quarantine and the return to normal conditions, the sale of gadgets has had a downward trend.

Tim Cook cited two reasons for the decline in Mac sales. From his point of view, the bad economic situation around the world has greatly affected Mac sales. Another reason is that many people are still interested in buying 2021 MacBook Pros and don’t consider it logical to buy 2023 models. The 2021 MacBook Pros arrived with a completely new design, but the new models have changed only in the processor department.

Unconfirmed rumors say that Apple will unveil the 15-inch MacBook Air and several other devices during WWDC next month. The unveiling of the 15-inch MacBook Air can increase Mac sales this season.

Apple says that iPad sales fell by 13% in the last quarter. In addition, a one percent drop in sales was recorded for Apple’s wearables unit.

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