Apple’s bill to force apps to be downloaded on iOS has been approved by the Senate

The controversial bipartisan Open App Markets bill, which was recently challenged by Apple, was finally voted in the US Senate Judiciary Committee, and the Judiciary Committee announced hours ago that it had approved the bill. Thus, as Wccftech writes, the final approval of the bill could be troublesome for Apple. Following the passage of the bill in the Judiciary Committee, we will have to wait for the final vote in the Senate.

Open App Markets is an anti-monopoly bill that imposes significant restrictions on large technology companies such as Apple and Google. If the bill is finally approved, Apple will probably have to allow apps to be sided on iOS and iPadOS.

Under the bill, Apple will also be required to make transactions based on various financial systems; The process is currently performed solely on the basis of the App Store payment system. In addition, the Open App Markets bill is said to prevent companies like Apple and Google from competing with other apps by using information that is not available to the public.

Prior to the new session of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Apple had sent a letter to the deputies asking them to reject the bill, because, according to Apple, providing the possibility of side-downloading will reduce the security of iPhones and, consequently, users of these phones. Tom PowderleyApple’s chief executive in the Americas, says the final approval of the Open App Markets bill and the mandatory side-by-side out of line with Apple’s criteria for protecting the security and privacy of its users.

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Marsha BlackburnThe Republican senator wrote in a tweet in response to the approval of the bill in the Judiciary Committee that this event will bring Open App Markets one step closer to becoming law. The Senate Judiciary Committee appears to have ignored Apple’s letter, yet the iPhone maker continues to maintain its position.

With the bill approved by the Judiciary Committee, the Senate is now the final decision-maker. Experts say the bill has supporters in both US parties, but we have no doubt that we will not see its final approval so easily. The Senate session to consider the Open App Markets bill will be crucial.

John KorninA senior Republican senator, is an opponent of Open App Markets. Mike LeeThe Utah senator says he hopes the bill will be further amended during the process. Even if the Open App Markets bill receives a majority vote, it could be widely amended before a final draft can be drafted.

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