Apple’s augmented reality headset delay due to hardware challenges

There have been rumors for some time about Apple’s interest in building an HMD (head-mounted) device based on AR and VR technology, and it has been described as a flagship, expensive and very powerful product to challenge competitors; But so far, the technology giant has considered the research and development of this product sufficient in laboratory conditions and has refused to offer it in the market.

However, supply chain interactions indicate that Apple is currently ordering parts needed for mass production of such a device, and it is perhaps safe to say that Apple will soon unveil the first generation of its augmented reality headset. But the bad news is that the release of this product can be delayed for several months due to the very complex manufacturing process.

According to sources familiar with Apple’s policies, the company is struggling with issues related to overheating, as well as software problems and the installation of multiple cameras on the headset. The thermal challenges are apparently due to the fact that Apple intends to use two processing chips in this product, and the problem manifests itself when one of the chips has a power close to that used in the MacBook Pro!

To better understand this, the chips used in the MacBook Pro are cooled with active (exhaust) and passive (heatsink) cooling systems; On the other hand, it is not possible to install a similar cooling system in the headset, or at least it will be very challenging and difficult.

The report states that this issue has changed Apple’s release plan in order to solve the problem completely. Given the problems, the Cupertinos can launch the headset by the end of this year or by early 2023.

Of course, it is said that Apple has instructed its supply chain partners to have the device ready by the end of 2022, and apparently there are no plans to launch it in 2023. Earlier rumors had it that Apple could unveil some of the components of the headset at WWDC (Apple Developers Event), and a new report indicates that Apple intends to focus entirely on virtual reality and augmented reality applications for the device at the 2023 Developers Event. The new one will focus on apparently having its own software store as well.

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Apple’s AR / VR headset will be the company’s first major product since the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015. The device is expected to be unveiled with the famous Cupertino slogan, One More Thing. Bloomberg says that the development of the device started from the year of the release of the first generation Apple Watch, and Apple originally planned to launch it in 2021 and 2022.

As mentioned at the beginning, this device will probably have a very high price due to the strong hardware, and of course, one should not expect high sales from it. However, sources say that Apple has forecast sales of 7 to 10 million units for the first year of release, while Microsoft has sold only 300,000 HoloLens headsets since 2016!

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