Apple’s augmented reality headset and self-driving car will likely be available several months after its unveiling

Rumors have been circulating recently about two unannounced Apple products, the self-driving car and the hybrid headset, and many sources believe that the tech giant is likely to unveil the two products soon as part of its long-term ambition and investment. However, a new report claims that Apple could postpone the unveiling of its headset and vehicle to another time.

In most cases, however, Apple products arrive shortly after launch, with a delay of several days or weeks. But according to a traditionalist, it may take several months for the Cupertino-based augmented reality headset and self-driving car to be available. Mark German Bloomberg notes in its latest weekly newsletter that Apple’s sophisticated and expensive design will require governments to work with eyepieces and team up with a group of manufacturers on sophisticated technologies, which will obviously take time.

German believes that Apple will unveil its new products through rumors before the official introduction. In addition, it is thought that Apple will need a lot of advertising to persuade users to buy expensive hardware as well as interesting developer support. A possible scenario could be for Apple to unveil the headset at the 2022 Developers Event, thereby leading developers to create augmented reality and virtual reality applications in preparation for the headset’s release later this year or in 2023.

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Apparently, the same scenario can be predicted for the Apple Car, which will lead to much more complex requirements for Apple. Although Apple is rumored to be launching the car in 2025, it is thought that the delay could be even longer. It is interesting to know that one of the analysts of Vedbash Investment Bank recently announced that Apple could announce a strategic partnership in the field of electric vehicles in indefinite periods in 2022, to pave the way for the launch of its first vehicle in 2025.

However, the first official whispers of the mentioned products may be heard next year. However, rumors and reports of this kind cannot be confirmed or denied at this time.

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