Apple won a major victory in the Epic Games lawsuit

Apple’s first lawsuit was recently settled out of court by Judge Rogers Gonzalez, which to some extent put Apple in the winning position; But it also had consequences for the company. According to the ruling, Apple has banned developers from collecting user metadata and creating external links or other calls that lead customers to purchase mechanisms and in-app purchases and customer relationships.

This prompted Apple to file an appeal after the Epigames. The Cupertinos had asked the court to postpone the execution of the final ruling, which would force Apple to make changes until December 9. It is now clear that the court has accepted Apple’s request and allowed it to continue using the same in-app purchasing system for an indefinite period of time.

The Court of Appeals says Apple has shown that its appeal raises questions and doubts about the validity of the original lawsuit, and that Epic Games has apparently failed to prove Apple’s monopoly. However, the creator of the game Fortnite showed that Apple’s behavior violates California’s Unfair Competition Law. Finally, the court granted Apple’s request that section (i) of paragraph (a) of the standing order remain in force, and the stay will remain in force pending a review of the appeal.

In other words, the court has suspended the execution of the order until it can fully process it, and this process may take several months. Tech giants can run the App Store as before while the court is reviewing Apple’s appeal.

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The judge’s initial ruling on changes to the App Store policy included a change in “anti-command” rules; This means that the App Store rules prohibit developers from informing users about alternative payment methods for in-app purchases and other subscriptions. Apple later claimed that the initial order to change the rules of the App Store could upset the exact balance between the developers and customers offered by the software store; That could lead to irreparable damage to Apple and its consumers.

The Cupertinos point out that directing users to the proposed third-party payment mechanisms is inherently dangerous. Apple says consumers may be redirected to malicious websites designed to collect personal information and payment details. The use of external payment systems also hinders Apple’s efforts to detect and combat fraud, and the execution of the sentence requires engineering efforts that include new security protocols, cost-collection structures, new App Store guidelines, and more.

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The company says stopping the order allows it to do so in a way that preserves the integrity of the ecosystem and eliminates the need for any orders against anti-command laws. If the appeals court finally rules in Apple’s favor after reviewing the case, the ruling could be overturned forever. Apple’s victory today means we have to wait several more months for the legal process to take place before making any changes to the App Store.

Of course, Epic Games and Futnite should not be overlooked. There seems to be no definite way for the game to return to the App Store, and not only will it not only be available on the Apple platform, but Epic developers’ accounts will be closed indefinitely, and Apple could do the same for companies and Epic affiliates. Also run.

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