Apple will update at least one Mac computer with an Intel chip in 2022

If you remember, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced at WWDC 2020 that the company may launch some Intel processor-based products in the next two years and will apparently support current Intel computers for years; Cook probably meant new hardware configurations, and evidence suggests that the current Mac Pro will also be updated with the new Blue Team chip.

Evidence shows that two Mac Pro models will be unveiled next year, apparently the first product to have the same shape as the current Mac Pro, and only the hardware will change; While the second model accepts a completely new design and is much smaller than the current model, and probably the most powerful achievement in the field of chip design, will provide its processing power. The second model is said to be slightly upgradeable due to its small size, and in fact, Apple intends to keep buyers satisfied with more upgrade options by offering a new hardware update for the 2019 Mac Pro.

Apple has eliminated the possibility of upgrading their RAM and memory by installing the M1 processor in Mac computers. In fact, Apple’s M1 processor is a system-on-a-chip (SoC); That is, integrated chips that have most of the main components related to processing, including the CPU, GPU and memory, etc., as a whole unit in their abdomen, and these components are soldered to the main silicon with a special technique. Therefore, it is quite natural that the user can not upgrade many of its components without special skills and equipment. In addition, the next-generation Mac Pro has much smaller dimensions compared to its predecessor, which reduces scalability and further limitations when using SOCs.

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The Intel model is expected to have a Xeon Scalable processor, which Intel says has more advanced performance, security, performance, and an AI accelerator for managing IoT workloads and more powerful AI; But on the other hand, the Cupertinos are also developing two chips codenamed “Jade 2C-Die” and “Jade 4C-Die”, which are equipped with 20 and 40 processing cores, respectively, 16 and 32 cores with powerful performance with four or more Eight high-efficiency layouts make up the Big.Little logo.

The Jade 4C-Die configuration is said to consist of four blocks based on the M1 Max chip; Therefore, the new Mac Pro GPU is expected to be available in 64- and 128-core configurations, and all other components will perform almost four times better on paper than standard models.

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