Apple will unveil “at least five new Macs” at the March event

When Apple announced the first generation of Apple Silicon series computer class processors, it said that it would complete the migration to these chips within two years, but with the end of 2022, this goal was not realized for Cupertinos. For the first time in 22 years, Apple did not release any new Macs in the fourth quarter of the year.

The whistleblowers have said for a long time that Apple has big plans for the first quarter of 2023, and in this quarter we are going to see the unveiling of several new Macs. The LeaksApplePro Twitter account claims that Apple is looking to hold a press conference in March 2023 (March 1401 and April 1402).

Based on the writing Digital TrendsApple will show at least five new computers at the event in March. These devices will include Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air 15 inches, MacBook Pro 14 inches and MacBook Pro 16 inches.

LeaksApplePro says the Mac Pro desktop computer will be “cheaper and more efficient” than the current model, and will arrive with an M2 Ultra processor. Mark GarmanBloomberg’s well-known whistleblower said some time ago that Apple has canceled the M2 Extreme chip production plan. M2 Extreme was supposed to be a combination of two M2 Ultra chips and used in the most powerful Mac Pro configuration.

The new Mac Mini will be produced with the same design as the previous one and will use M2 or M2 Pro processors in different configurations. LeaksApplePro has not released any details about the 15-inch MacBook Air and the two new MacBook Pro models.

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According to LeaksApplePro, Apple plans to update the expensive Pro Display XDR monitor at its new event. Apparently, Apple is still working on the iMac Pro. As LeaksApplePro says, Apple has no plans to launch a new Mac Studio model.

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