Apple will manufacture some of its chips in the United States to diversify its supply chain

Bloomberg has reported that Apple has decided to move one of the key aspects of the production of products such as iPhone and iPad to the United States. According to this report, Apple will outsource the production of at least some of its custom processors to one of TSMC’s factories now under construction in Arizona.

Tim Cook He revealed the plans in a meeting with Apple engineers and retail employees in Germany that also took place during his recent trip across Europe. The CEO of Apple explained that around 2024, they will produce some of the chips in the Arizona factory. It is possible that some of the production of this company will be done in Europe because currently more factories are being built in that area. Tim Cook says:

We’ve already decided to buy a plant in Arizona and that plant will be up and running in 2024, so we’re about two years away or maybe less.

cook In a meeting that Eddie QApple service manager and Dear O’Brien The head of retail and human resources of this company was also present and said:

I am confident that in Europe, as this program becomes more apparent, we will source some of our chips from future factories in this region.

While Cook did not provide further details on moving chip production to the US and Europe, he is likely referring to a factory that TSMC is currently building in Arizona. TSMC is the exclusive supplier of Apple processors; The iPhone maker uses flagship A-series chips and M-series chips in all its products.

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As 9to5Mac He points out that the TSMC factory in China is scheduled to open in 2024. The Taiwanese chip giant has announced that the said factory will begin its activities with the production of processors based on 5nm lithography, which is at least a generation behind the technology used in Apple products. The report also states that TSMC could theoretically introduce advanced manufacturing processes faster than it has announced so far.

One of the lingering questions is whether the factory will fit Apple’s needs as planned. This Taiwanese company says that the Chinese factory will start with a capacity of 20,000 chips per month and will use the 5nm production process. This does not satisfy Apple’s desire to use more advanced 3nm chips in the near future.

This action is taken while Apple is still planning to diversify its supply chain in different parts of the world. cook Referring to the current dependence of chips on Taiwan, he said:

I think you’re going to see significant investment in improving the ability and capacity of the US and Europe to try to shift market share from where the chips are currently being made.

In addition, the United States government has recently created incentives to boost chip production in the country. Through the CHIPS and SCIENCE Act, the United States has provided more than 50 billion dollars in financial incentives for semiconductor manufacturing industries operating in this country.

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