Apple will definitely break Google’s monopoly; But not anytime soon

Eddie QOne of Apple’s top executives said last week that Google is the best search engine in the world. No objection can be made to this saying; But what came out of Q’s tongue, rather than praising Google, was an action to protect this company against the US Department of Justice.

If the US government calls Google a monopolistic company after its investigation, the company’s contract with Apple will probably be lost. What is the result of this? Apple’s billion dollar loss.

Google is the best search engine for Apple; But only until Apple decides to make its own search engine.

Currently, Apple designs its own processors, owns the App Store, sells music online, offers a gaming service and a streaming service for movies and series, and equips its devices with a dedicated map finder.

The only big weakness of Apple in the field of online services is not having a dedicated search engine. According to Garman, Apple’s proprietary web search engine will not be built in the near future; But its delivery is certain.

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