Apple will apparently not enter the clamshell market until 2024

Apple’s clamshell iPhone project has been in the news for some time, and it is thought that with products such as augmented reality headsets or self-driving cars, the phone will not be available in the near future. It is believed that the development of this product is still in its infancy and focused on display technologies, and apparently the technology giant has not introduced the completed clamshell phone into the trial and error process.

Now report Ross Young, Display industry analyst, shows that at least until 2024, the iPhone will not be unveiled with the ability to fold the screen. Young believes that we should not wait for the unveiling of the Apple clamshell phone in 2023; Because of the changes in the display supply chain, it does not indicate that Apple intends to launch a clamshell phone in this period. Earlier, it was rumored that Samsung would be Apple’s main supplier of foldable OLED displays, and it turns out that the company put a large number of foldable display prototypes last year to test Apple’s option.

There is also evidence that Apple and LG are producing an organic OLED display that fits the shape of a clamshell phone; But the mass production of this display is in an aura of ambiguity. a while back, Mingchi Ko “Apple is preparing to launch a clamshell iPhone with an 8-inch flexible OLED display in 2023,” the report said. However, the analyst has not yet provided any other information about the expected phone.

In general, Mingchi Ko believes that all major players in the smartphone market should produce clamshell phones. Earlier this year, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the third version of the company’s clamshell smartphone. Samsung’s early Galaxy Fold devices had problems; But with Apple’s late entry into the field, Samsung has three more years to tackle the problem with little competition over clamshell smartphones.

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In fact, Samsung will be Apple’s main competitor in the production of clamshell phones; The company that will definitely have the largest market share in the absence of Apple. Bloomberg has previously reported that the clamshell iPhone may be released years later than expected, or that the tech giant may never introduce the product.

It is said that until all the problems in this field are solved, Apple will not be willing to produce clamshell phones, and as mentioned at the beginning, the company has focused on producing HMD (head-mounted) devices based on augmented reality and virtual technology. Is. In addition, Apple’s entry into the automotive and electric vehicle industry is being touted as the Cupertino’s main ambition in the coming years.

It is interesting to note that Mingchi Ko recently announced that Apple intends to completely replace the iPhone with augmented reality headsets by 2030; Therefore, it is natural that clamshell phones are not a priority for the company.

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