Apple Watch’s heart sensor saved a person from death

The story is about 2021; Where a woman from Oklahoma faced a heart problem and was able to survive thanks to her Apple Watch.

This woman had an incident that could have turned into a tragedy for her on World Diabetes Day 9to5Mac site shared Diabetes was what the smart watch was Judith Luebke He had recognized it, a problem he hadn’t known about in the past.

After an emergency visit to the doctor, Luebke was diagnosed with extremely high blood sugar levels, which can be fatal for diabetics.

One Friday morning, the Oklahoma woman received a heart arrhythmia notification on her Apple Watch. At first, he thought that the abnormality in his heart function was due to the stress he was experiencing due to the loss of one of his loved ones.

Judith Luebke spoke to her boss in the morning and discussed the problem with him, informing him that she would see a doctor after her meeting, or perhaps on another day of the weekend. However, his boss told him to take the warning seriously and see a doctor.

After going to the hospital, Luebke learned that he has diabetes and that his blood sugar level is very high. “If I hadn’t gotten that notification or waited until the weekend, I probably wouldn’t have survived,” Luebke said. “Because everything was happening and I just wasn’t feeling well and I was putting off going to the doctor thinking it was normal.”

There is no information about the Apple Watch model used by Judith Luebke. his daughter, Shannon BowersThere is another person who is very happy that his mother went to the hospital. He considers the factors that saved his mother’s life to be the smart watch and the people around him, that is, his boss and colleagues.

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