Apple Watch with a camera is one step closer to reality!

Although patents are not a strong guarantee of showing products in production, they are still clues to a company’s intellectual direction. According to published news, another new patent for the camera in the Apple Watch has just been registered. Maybe Apple hasn’t added the camera to the Apple Watch yet; But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t think about the idea.

Patent registration by companies is not a guarantee of its production and can only be considered as the voice of its thoughts. Verge It reports that last week Apple filed a patent with registration number US-11571048-B1 for an Apple Watch strap unlocking mechanism that can be equipped with an internal camera.

This idea sounds great in its own right; But the new patent is the third Apple Watch camera-related patent idea to be filed in recent years. Apparently, an early version of this patent was filed in 2019, and it shows that in the last few years, Apple engineers have been thinking about incorporating a camera into the Apple Watch and developing different designs for it.

First time website Patently Apple The summary and description section saw a new patent strap for the Apple Watch, the idea of ​​which was to create a quick and ergonomic way to separate the watch from the strap, and in its details, it showed a strap with two sections and a part for placing the watch.

This design can create new ways to use the Apple Watch that is no longer limited to the wrist and can be used for photography. In image 3, the patent shows a person holding the watch in strapless mode to take a photo.

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