Apple Watch Ultra vs. Apple Watch Series 8; Which one is more suitable for you?

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8 during the Far Out event. The company specifically focused on the design and manufacture of Apple Watch Ultra with the slogan of endurance, exploration and adventure on features for athletes who are active in endurance disciplines such as swimming, cycling, climbing and marathon running, so the design of this watch is influenced by specific activity conditions. These athletes as well as use in outdoor environments have undergone changes. In the upcoming article, we will review the Apple Watch Series 8 in terms of features such as design, features and price.

Design and size

Size comparison of Apple Watch 8 and Ultra

With the introduction of the Watch Ultra, Apple for the first time went beyond the boundaries and introduced the biggest smart watch of its creation. With a size of 49 mm (almost two inches), this watch is now the largest Apple smartwatch ever. This means a 4 mm increase in size compared to the largest version of the Apple Watch Series 8. Of course, the change is not limited to that, and we are also witnessing one of the biggest redesigns of Apple’s smart watch family.

The Apple Watch Ultra no longer has the soft and delicate design of regular Apple Watches, including the Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple itself has admitted that the Watch Ultra has a rougher or perhaps more muscular look. Apple says that in the construction of this watch, it has used titanium that is used in the aerospace industry, which in addition to reducing the overall weight, has improved its durability and resistance to corrosion.

Meanwhile, Apple has not changed the type of material used in the construction of the Apple Watch 8, and it can still be purchased in aluminum and stainless steel versions. Unlike the Apple Watch Series 8, the front edges of this watch are completely flat and there are no curved edges, and the display is protected all the way to the edges by a sapphire coating.

Action button on Apple Watch Ultra

Now the left edge of this watch hosts a new button that Apple calls the Action button, which has not been present on any of the current Apple Watches. A button that makes it much easier to start and finish a process or sports activity or to access the required functions of athletes. Since this watch is mostly designed for use in outdoor environments and for heavy sports, the addition of the third button can speed up the execution of commands and working with the watch, especially during training.

In addition, the rotating button or the Digital Crown has a larger diameter and the side button is located on a protrusion with a distance from the edge of the watch. Both of these make it easier to work with the watch while wearing gloves.

Hardware and features

The Apple Watch Ultra is capable of producing a maximum brightness of 2000 nits, which Apple says is twice as bright as other existing Apple Watches, including the Apple Watch 8. Apart from this, there is no difference in the display of the two, both are equipped with Retina OLED display and use the Always-on Display feature. Watch Ultra has a mode called Night mode, which helps them to be seen better in the dark by darkening the screen and changing the color of the elements to red.

Both the Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra watches use the S8 chip and are equipped with a body temperature sensor and two motion sensors to detect accidents, but another difference between the two, apart from the design, is the type of technology used and their accuracy. Apple has tried to use sensors and features in the Ultra version to meet the demands of professional athletes. For the first time, Apple has used two-frequency GPS (L1 and L5) in Watch Ultra and improved the positioning algorithm to make the positioning as accurate as possible.

Apple Watch Ultra can announce an emergency situation by playing an 86 dB siren for an injured or lost person. The Watch Ultra is also adapted to work in adverse weather conditions. According to Apple’s claim, this watch can work in temperatures from -20 to 55 degrees Celsius without any problems. The special features of this watch for professional athletes have caused Apple to spend a lot of time in making this watch.

Therefore, Watch Ultra has received many certifications, such as MIL-STD-810H and EN 13319, the first of which is used for military equipment, and the second is a recognized international standard for diving accessories, including depth gauges.

Apple Watch Ultra uses a more advanced depth sensor and has a new function called Depth exclusively, which shows the current depth, water temperature, duration of diving and the maximum depth traveled. It goes without saying that Watch Ultra is water resistant up to twice as deep (100 meters) than Watch 8.

Both the Watch Ultra and the Series 8 come pre-installed with watchOS 9, which enables the measurement of new quantitative parameters such as stride length, ground contact time, incline and running power. Thanks to the larger dimensions of the Apple Watch Ultra, this watch can display up to six parameters measured during activity on one screen. In addition to all these things, support for special modes and watch faces that display more and more specialized data to the user should be added.


Apple Watch Series 8 remaining battery

Increasing the size of this watch will also mean increasing the battery capacity. Apple claims that the Watch Ultra has the longest battery life among other Apple Watch models and can last up to 36 hours in normal use. Apple has also included a new feature called Low-power mode for both Watch Series 8 and Ultra watches, which prolongs battery life by disabling features such as AOD and automatic activity detection.

With the difference that the Apple Watch Series 8 with this feature active lasts as long as the Apple Watch Ultra without the low power mode being active, i.e. 36 hours. Watch Ultra has a longer battery life of up to 30 hours, i.e. 60 hours, with Low-power mode active. Apple Watch 8 can charge up to 18 hours in normal use, which is half of Watch Ultra.

Price and versions

Unlike the Apple Watch Series 8, the Apple Watch Ultra is only available in a 49 mm version with a titanium body. But people who intend to buy Apple Watch Series 8 can access various options, this watch can be ordered in 41 and 45 mm sizes, with an aluminum body in midnight, starlight and red colors or steel in silver, gold and graphite colors. .

The presence of the extension Ultra or Pro in Apple products, in addition to more advanced and unique features that are not found in normal versions, also reminds us of their higher prices than normal models. Before the arrival of the Ultra version of the Apple Watch, the more special version of the Apple Watch 7 with a titanium body and a price of 849 dollars was sold. With the addition of the Ultra version of the Apple Watch to the collection of Apple smart watches with a basic price of $799, the Ultra series can actually be considered the starting point of the rebrand of the Edition series.

The price of the 8th series of Apple Watch starts at $399 for the 41mm version and $429 for the 45mm version, and if you want to get the cellular version, you have to add $100 to this amount. Needless to say, only the Apple Watch Ultra version supports cellular communication by default.


As it was said at the beginning of the article, Apple Watch Ultra is designed for people who work professionally in the field of sports, especially heavy and endurance sports, and it is necessary to have access to accurate and comprehensive information about the details of their activities, in addition, Apple Watch Ultra is a very suitable option. It is ideal for mountaineering, camping and adventure tourism, because it has better battery life and has special features for this type of use, including a very accurate positioning system and emergency notification.

But if you are a regular user and you don’t want to pay twice as much for a watch that doesn’t have special features, and you are also a fan of lighter weight and a more elegant design, Apple Watch Series 8 will be the best option for you, and with the same processor as Apple Watch Ultra and also New features such as temperature measurement and crash detection, in addition to the health features found in previous generations, will meet your needs.

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