Apple Watch Pro watch faces and bands will benefit from a design focused on fitness features

There is not much time left until the start of Apple’s Far Out event, and we continue to see the release of reports and news related to the products that Apple plans to introduce during this event. now Mark Gorman In his recent statements, he has provided more details about the Apple Watch Pro smart watch.

Gorman In one of his tweets, he says that Apple Watch Pro will use a round design like Apple Watch Series 7. Moreover, the rumored additional button on this device will be a multi-purpose button that the user can customize according to their needs.

to report Apple Insiderthis button is probably intended to access exercise programs or activate one of the features of this product.

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Gorman It also provided information about the Apple Watch Pro ecosystem. According to reports, the watch faces designed for this model will focus more on displaying fitness information. In addition, it seems that this year we will see the introduction of bands with a focus on the field of sports for this smart watch.

It is not yet known whether the straps of the current Apple Watch models will be compatible with the Apple Watch Pro or not. Also, in some recent reports, it has been mentioned that the screen of this product is bigger and it is expected to be launched on the market with a price tag of around 900 to 1000 dollars.

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