Apple wants to add LossLess capability to AirPods using Bluetooth alternative technology

It is believed that Apple is once again working on a replacement for Bluetooth to bring LossLess technology to its TWS headphones. The company recently unveiled the second generation of AirPods Pro, but currently no wireless headphones can transmit LossLess audio via Bluetooth. Mark Gorman The Cupertino-based tech giant plans to use its own technology instead of Bluetooth to add LossLess support to AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and even standard AirPods, according to Bloomberg.

Gorman In the latest part of its Power On newsletter, it mentions that Apple’s new AirPods Pro still don’t support LossLess technology because Bluetooth doesn’t have enough power to handle it. He says that Apple is considering an alternative to Bluetooth to provide the mentioned functionality in future AirPods.

iMore We don’t currently know what Apple’s replacement technology for Bluetooth will be, but in May 2021 there was a report that the company was considering using AirPlay to provide LossLess technology on its wireless headphones.

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John Prosser Also in 2021, through his YouTube channel, he announced that Apple could add AirPlay support to its AirPods with a simple update. Now, more than a year later, that still hasn’t happened, and LossLess technology is still only available in wired headphones. Considering that Apple’s iPhones come without a 3.5 mm headphone jack, it seems unlikely that the company wants to use a wired method to provide LossLess technology.

Apple added LossLess support to its music streaming service some time ago; An action that shows that this company is looking to provide the mentioned technology to the owners of Mac, iPhone and Apple TV. However, Proser At the time, he said, if Apple makes LossLess a special feature that requires users to buy new headphones, it will likely be accused of anti-competitive behavior, and for that reason, the company is expected to be more cautious about offering LossLess. slow down

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