Apple users have trouble charging Apple Watch Series 7 fast

One of the few new features introduced with the Apple Watch 7 Series was the ability to charge faster. A few months after its release, it was revealed that the Apple Watch 7 Series will charge significantly faster; But unfortunately, there is a problem that may affect the opinion of the owners of this wearable gadget.

According to Apple Insider, the Apple Watch 7 Series came with only a few important features. The screen size has increased from 40 and 44 mm to 41 and 45 mm and can now be charged faster; Otherwise, it is very similar to the previous generation. The power of the processor and the capabilities of health tracking and even its internal software are very similar to the Apple Watch 6 Series. Fast charging was one of the attractive features that gained a lot of fans; But Apple’s inability to provide faster chargers further left many frustrated.

How much faster is Apple’s fast charge really?

Apple Watch 7 Series can support fast charging when combined with the required accessories. If a fast charge pad is used with the Apple Watch 6 Series, it will not be able to reach high speeds and the device battery will be charged as standard. To determine how much faster the new system used in the 7th generation Apple Watch is, a team conducted an experiment, which we will briefly review the procedure and the result.

The group emptied the battery of the 45 mm Apple Watch Series 7 and first placed it on a standard charging pad. Then, the experiment was repeated with a device that supported fast charging. They checked every 30 minutes to see changes in the battery. During the same period, in the standard mode, only a 20% increase in charge was observed; But the fast charge pad was able to charge the smartwatch 61% (3 times). After 60 minutes, the standard charge pad increased to 34%; But in the same amount of time (58 minutes) the Apple Watch was completely charged.

Apple Watch Charger

Apple says the 7 Series can charge its battery 30 percent faster with a fast charge pad; But experiments show that Cupertino estimates are more conservative and capable. It is clear that the fast charge of the Apple Watch 7 Series is much faster than standard chargers. Since the company’s smartwatch battery lasts only one day, this feature looks very attractive and practical.

Quick charge options available

Unfortunately, users’ confusion about using the fast charge feature starts in the same product box. Apple’s new pad is almost identical to its less powerful siblings, and there’s no real visual difference between the two, and customers have trouble buying it.

Currently, users have only three fast chargers available: the first is the pad in the box, the second is the Belkin portable fast charger, and the third is the Belkin tricycle charging pad. Is accompanied by Magsif. There is no other option than the three mentioned chargers.

Belkin charging pad

Apple does not welcome faster charging

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These are not the only third-party companies that do not make Apple Watch fast chargers; Apple has also made two original Apple Watch chargers that do not charge fast. Unfortunately, the expensive MagSafe Duo model and Apple’s magnetic charging base have not been updated.

Apple already knew it was going to offer a faster charger with the Apple Watch 7 Series; For this reason, it had enough time to prepare minor modifications to its existing products; But he did not do so. Many buy Apple’s official accessories; Because they believe they have the best compatibility with the company’s devices. Apple’s policy of supplying fast-charging pads to the Apple Watch does not seem to be responsible.

What Apple can do

Apple can do two things to solve this problem: Stop producing its existing products and launch them after updating; ۲. It can make its official fast charging system available to third-party accessory manufacturers.

It is unclear why Apple did not do so in order to meet the needs of its users. Anyway, we hope it fixes it in the future to make it easier for owners of the Apple Watch 7 Series and future generations.

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