Apple unveils first self-driving car schematics to Japanese suppliers in 2020

So far, Apple has refused to approve the car; But rumors and reports about Apple’s car are growing with claims that the final production of this product is approaching. Of course, it seems that we should not see the release of Apple’s long-awaited car before 2025. However, it is now claimed that Apple has been planning to advance part of the process of building and developing its own self-driving car for the past two years.

According to a report from Nikkei Asia, in January 2020, a man allegedly visited the office of the Japanese car supplier Sanden’s Texas, claiming to be the director of Apple parts. The man is said to have asked the Swedish authorities for help with the components used in the flagship vehicle and to have shown them schematics of the prototype electric vehicle. Finally, the two companies have entered into negotiations.

According to the report, despite Apple’s agreement with the supplier, the acquisition of Covid dealt a severe blow to the document and lost the opportunity to work with Apple due to heavy debts and their payment.

Overall, most reports so far have indicated that Cupertino residents have failed to negotiate with leading automakers to outsource Apple. The project is expected to focus on the development of automotive-related technologies; Of course, it has almost been confirmed that the tech giant will need the production arm of one of the automakers or assembling companies to make this car operational and market it in the consumer market.

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Apple also began negotiations with the Canadian company Magna International for a while; However, due to the uncertainty of Apple’s goal, these negotiations remained fruitless. The company is the largest auto parts manufacturer in North America and the most important supplier of parts needed by General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. The main customers of Magna in the world are Volkswagen, Biamo and Toyota.

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