Apple starts migration to microLED panel with smart watches

According to a Korean media claim, Apple will start using microLED panels in 2024. This is the third time that knowledgeable sources have made such a claim. At first, Apple is looking to supply microLED panels from foreign companies, but eventually it tries to start its own production line of these panels.

as GSMArena He writes, Apple will initially supply at least 60% of the microLED panels through Samsung and LG companies.

Unconfirmed rumors say that the micro LED display production project started in 2017 under the code name T159. This type of display experiences significant improvement in terms of brightness, color reproduction and viewing angle. Micro LED is such that you feel that the images are painted on the display glass.

The migration from OLED panel to microLED panel will start in 2024 with the new generation of Apple Watch Ultra. After improving the quality of the panels and increasing the efficiency and adjusting the price, we will see the iPhone equipped with a microLED panel. This will not happen before 2025.

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