Apple rent to the Chinese; Luxury should win commercial contracts!

Some time ago, a report was published that showed Tim Cook In 2016, it personally agreed to a five-year contract with China. Apparently, part of the agreement is Apple’s commitment to help Chinese manufacturers develop the most advanced production technologies, support the training of Chinese talent, use more parts from Chinese suppliers, sign contracts with Chinese software companies, collaborate on academic research, and invest directly in technology companies. Chinese and helping about a dozen is the goal of the Chinese government.

In another new report, another part of Apple’s investments in China has been reported in the media, which serves as a kind of seal of approval for the previous claims. Apple seems to have shifted most of its supply chain business to Chinese-based companies. Published documents indicate that Apple CEO Tim Cook is committed to helping Beijing expand its local technology industry. For example, a year after the deal, Apple hired LuxShire to assemble the AirPads, and the trend seems to have dealt an irreparable blow to Taiwanese suppliers. Meanwhile, the addition of luxury milk to the supply chain is being touted as a turning point in Apple-China relations.

Some time ago, it was revealed that Apple plans to produce and ship between 90 and 95 million iPhones by January 2022, and to meet this volume of production, the Chinese company Luxshir will probably take about 3% of the iPhone 13 series production orders from competitors. He kidnapped his famous Taiwanese, Foxconn and Pagatron. Apparently, the company has started production of the iPhone 13 Pro, and this is a big improvement for a company that has never produced an iPhone independently!

Newcomers to Apple’s supply chain usually start producing older models; But evidence shows that Luxher has been around for a hundred years overnight and, most importantly, is producing a small number of Peruvian models for its first year in Apple’s supply chain. With the help of Apple Rents, LuxShire introduces itself as a potential competitor to other manufacturers, and other manufacturers seem to be cautious in competing with the company, and it is possible that the Chinese company may receive larger orders from Apple in the future.

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At present, the company lags behind Foxconn in terms of market value and may even be ahead of the Taiwanese assembly industry giant in Apple’s supply chain. Foxconn is said to have accelerated its growth due to concerns about the Chinese company’s position, and there are even rumors that Foxconn has formed a team to identify and deal with luxury.

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