Apple plans to improve Mac gaming, but is it possible?

But in addition to software, hardware should also be considered. Apple’s silicon chips provide features not previously available in Macs equipped with Intel processors:

“Game developers never had the 96GB of graphics memory that the M2 Max has. “I think they’re trying to understand the unusual opportunities that have arisen.” It’s an “exciting opportunity” for developers to push boundaries and move forward. Of course, this may be the reason why even with the Metal graphics engine and Apple Silicon processor, AAA games take time to come to the Mac.

Currently, Mac gaming suffers from a vicious cycle that seems hard to break. Gamers are reluctant to switch because many of the big names don’t work on the Mac. Developers have also fallen behind because of the number of Mac gamers. Every problem leads to another problem.

If Milt and Burchers are right, and Apple can convince more developers to port their products to the Mac, new games from big companies are likely to come to the Mac. Mac gamers hope this optimism is not misplaced.

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