Apple once again killed Epic Games

An appeals court ruled in favor of the Cupertino-based tech giant in a legal battle between Apple and Epic Games over App Store rules.

Considering that several courts have ruled in favor of Apple, it is likely that there will be no major changes in the amount of commission that the company receives from app and game developers.

“Today’s decision reaffirms Apple’s resounding victory in the case, as 9 out of 10 claims were declared in our favor,” said an Apple spokesperson.

to report GizmochinaThis is the second time in two years that a federal court has ruled in Apple’s favor regarding state antitrust laws.

By introducing its own payment system in the famous Fortnite game, Epic Games tried to avoid paying a 30% commission to Apple for each transaction, and for that reason, it sued the Cupertino tech giant. This company violated Apple’s rules, which ended up being banned from the App Store. After EpicGames filed a lawsuit against Apple, several other developers filed similar lawsuits against the iPhone maker.

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