Apple is suing Russia over App Store rules

Apple continues to argue with Russia over allegations that the company has abused its power in the App Store. The Apple Insider writes that the Cupertinos intend to sue the Russian federal antitrust service in order to stop Apple’s policies towards the App Store.

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Apple’s new lawsuit is related to a warning issued by the Russian Anti-Monopoly Service in August (August and September), telling iPhone makers to allow app developers to advise their users to find alternative payment methods instead of Apple’s proprietary payment service. Go to apps. At that time, the Russian Antitrust Service gave Apple until September 30, 2021 (October 8, 1400) to adapt its policies to the new request; Otherwise face possible fines.

In October, the aforementioned Russian regulator filed a new lawsuit against Apple alleging non-compliance with antitrust laws. Russia’s anti-monopoly service came a few days before Apple revised a page of its developer guidelines to acquit it.

The move could theoretically bring Apple’s policies into line with Russian law; Of course, later than the Russians had requested. A new report by Rasha Today states that Apple is now seeking a judicial review of the warnings issued by Russia’s antitrust service.

The new legal battle between Apple and the Russian regulator is the latest example of Apple’s tensions with the country. A few months ago, Apple called for a review of a ruling issued by Russia’s anti-monopoly service in early 2020. The ruling said Apple had unfair advantages in the digital economy and had to pay a $ 12 million fine.

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