Apple is still working on the iPhone subscription service

Mark GarmanBloomberg’s veteran whistleblower said this September before the iPhone 14 unveiling event that Apple is looking to introduce a new subscription service for iPhone purchases. At the time, it was said that the subscription service would allow Apple users to get the latest iPhone model along with software services such as Apple TV Plus by paying a certain monthly fee.

In the end, Apple did not introduce the iPhone+ subscription service, so that the possibility of stopping the development of this project becomes stronger. Garmin in A new report It says that Apple’s initial goal was to offer the iPhone subscription service in 2022 or eventually 2023, and the development of this service is still ongoing.

According to Garmin, the price of the iPhone will increase over time, and probably in 2024 we will see the first ultra iPhone with a very expensive price. The subscription service will make it easier to buy new iPhones.

In recent years, Apple has entered the subscription services market in a big way. Currently, this company offers services such as Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple News Plus and Apple Arcade for a monthly subscription fee. Hardware subscription will be the latest project of Apple to generate income; A company that has more than 100 billion dollars in quarterly revenue right now.

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