Apple is still several years away from adding new health sensors to the Apple Watch

If the Apple Watch 7 Series disappoints many because of the lack of new sensors, do not expect the situation to improve any time soon. A new report shows that Apple is still several years away from bringing new health sensors to the Apple Watch.

9to5mac report, Mark German Bloomberg talks about the sensors that Apple is developing for the Apple Watch and when they will be used in real products. His answer is unfortunately not very pleasant for those who are waiting for the new smartwatch of this company. German says Apple is working on three big new features:

  • Glucose monitoring (blood sugar)
  • Ability to measure blood pressure
  • Determine body temperature

Various reports and rumors about all these sensors were published in cyberspace; But Bloomberg is not convinced that these features will be added to the new Apple Watch soon:

Do not expect any of these any time soon. The body temperature sensor was on the road map this year; But less information has been published recently. We are at least two to three years away from being able to have high blood pressure; However, we would not be surprised if a glucose monitoring sensor was not added to the Apple Watch by the end of the second half of the 2020s.

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With that in mind, the only new health feature we can expect from the Apple Watch 8 Series is the ability to detect advanced sleep patterns and sleep apnea. This was reported by the Wall Street Journal last year.

The next Apple Watch does not look like an exciting product. Apple may even need to rethink its strategy for introducing a new smartwatch every year; Because the tech world does not follow its marketing strategy. Of course, we are at least 9 months away from the unveiling of Apple’s new smartwatch, and rumors suggest that the company will introduce three new models this year, namely the updated SE version and a sport-resistant model, as well as the upcoming 8 Series.

Do you Zomit users think that Apple can still update the Apple Watch every year without bringing in new sensors?

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