Apple is probably researching and developing smart rings, bracelets and necklaces

Rumor has it that Apple will finally unveil its first generation of augmented reality headsets next year. Meanwhile, the tech giant is said to be researching the use of a device to detect user feedback and commands on a head-mounted device (HMD). This device can play a very important role in the user’s communication and immersion in the virtual environment and the details of HMD headsets, and will probably be one of the important features of Cupertino augmented reality glasses called Apple Glass.

It has long been rumored that Apple is developing a variety of methods, including a ring-like device and gloves to control augmented reality headsets. Cupertinos are looking for products that detect where commands are coming from and accurately execute them on the headset. However, a recent patent from Apple in the US Patent and Trademark Office shows that Apple’s goal is more than just a smartwatch, and we will probably see the wearables expand in the coming years.

The invention, known as “wearable rings with embedded circuits,” describes a small wearable device that can be placed on a user’s wrist or neck and may be used to gather information about a person or object attached. Some of the documents in the patent file state:

Electronic devices may be placed on the user’s body or attached to an object; For example, an electronic device may have a loop, ribbon, or string to attach and hang around the device, or otherwise attach to a person, animal, or object.

Apple argues that using its new wearable device could mean measuring and recognizing information about users’ location, activity, identification or medical and biometric information. In addition, the device may be used to provide output to the user (hepatic output, audio output or visual output). The wearable system can store personally identifiable information and objects or messages for a user, and will likely be used as a visual cue in an augmented reality or virtual reality system.

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Apple’s focus on the patent focuses on how the device is connected, and among other options, it discusses how they can include magnetic structures or bonds that open and close under a suitable electromagnetic field. In fact, Apple’s recent patent is not intended to provide a function such as marking the user’s position in augmented reality headset settings; Of course, it can do just that; But it can also be part of a system that allows users to interact with augmented or virtual objects.

The user may use a gesture in the air to transmit commands to the headset; For example, the user can use the left hand shake to move visual content to the left, or select virtual elements by tapping them in the field of view.

It is interesting to note that Apple has already filed several other patents for similar purposes. For example, the company recently showed in a patent that it is examining how to use wearables such as gloves, which can turn objects into touch-sensitive surfaces. At the time, Apple suggested that wearables could use ultrasound devices to detect force when detecting finger pressure on the surface.


Apple patents countless inventions every week. Patents represent the topics of interest to the research and development unit of companies; But it does not guarantee that it will be offered in a future product or service. Naturally, this also applies to many patents related to wearable devices.

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